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CAMERON NINO, born November 25, 2003, is a Los Angeles based Gen Z music visionary, environmental & social justice advocate and student athlete. His favorite instruments are the Cello and Electric Guitar both of which he plays really well. He is a member of the Malibu High School basketball team. Cameron has performed at public venues including Carnegie Hall, NYC with his high school orchestra, pre-grammy® functions at The El Rey Theater and The Roxy, family concert events and more. In his spare time, Cameron plays FortNite and other video games. His favorite movies are the Marvel series featuring the Avengers. Music: In 2011, Cameron wrote his first song – “Back in the Day”. The songs call-to-action “Don’t Live Black, Live Green”, asks people not to use fossil fuel but to adopt Green Tech. In 2015, Cameron Nino was invited by Club 42 to produce a medley for the organization using music by The Beatles and Michael Jackson. The EP was titled “All My People – A Tribute to The Beatles and Michael Jackson.” He has since them released three other singles – “On The Floor” (2016), “Gravity” (2018) and “Ice Cream” (2018). All three singles were included on the first round ballot for the Grammys. In 2020, Cameron released his first solo body of work, an EP titled “OUT”. Cameron’s most recent project is a collaboration with Trinity Rose, a response to the continued abuse of power by law enforcement in the US. Live Events: With his band - Seventh Nova, Cameron Nino's performance credits includes annual appearances at the International Food Festival and Carnival - a charity event that raises funds to assist the homeless, the Awareness Film Festival, The Pig 'N Whistle, Molly Malone's, Flagstaff Hill in Pittsburgh, The El Rey Theater, San Clemente Music Festival, Encino Family Festival and The Roxy. Their repertoire of music includes re-arrangements of popular songs such as Ozzy Osbourne's "Crazy Train" , The Beatles "Come Together" and his original songs. Philanthropy: Cameron works with Club 42, a non-profit that services inner city youth. He frequently performs the National Anthem for them as well as joins in other activities such as Fortnite Tournaments and Basketball games. Every weekend, Cameron works with the Blessed Sacrament Church in Hollywood to feed the homeless. What are people saying about Cameron? Happy Magazine - …Nino has quickly established himself as one of the most exciting emerging artists in the global music scene. If you’re not already familiar with this artist, it’s definitely time you changed that. - Computers In Entertainment - In a town where talent seems to ooze off the streets, it is hard to come by talent that is truly remarkable and memorable. - The Levity Ball - Entertwine Blog - Hollywod Today - More More Sound - Quotes from people who have seen Cameron live on stage: "I enjoyed the show very much. Cameron sounds amazing!" Evan Olster, Sports Coach. "He rocked! I was so impressed" - Teresa Stone, Business Owner. "Wow what a talented young man. And so grown up!" - Lauren Fallieras, Hollywood. "Amazing! Cameron is very talented." Yolanda Brown, PLD, Church of the Blessed Sacrament. “You are truly amazing, spectacular!” Calista Carradine, Actress, Producer and singer. “I thought Cameron's stuff was really impressive . . . I am certain people would love to see him perform. (I'll admit, when a father says, "My son is pretty good. He's talented." I usually don't believe it much. We fathers are biased. But in this case, you're right. The kid is good!)” – Spencer Downing, Ph.D., Executive Director, The Center at Blessed Sacrament. Cameron Nino’s Social Media portals: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: YouTube (Music): YouTube (Gaming): C: 213-446-9565 Email: