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Introduction In this episode of the Sport Report, Meg and Dr. G continue their discussion on sport coaching as a profession and contrast it with many other related jobs. The baseline is on the basketball court, but the baseline to become a coach is virtually non-existent. Should we license sport coaches? Tune in to hear about how athletic training, physical therapy, and sport medicine have become regulated professions whereas coaching has not. Tips and topics What ever happened to the teacher-coach? Requirements to coach often include just a background check and a 1-2 hour course on the fundamentals of coaching Reconciling the free market, regulation, and sport coach preparation and coaching as a profession. Sports medicine, allied health, physical education, exercise science, sport science, physical cultural studies Quotes [00:47] Sport coaching has really kinda interestingly thread that needle…is it a trade, is it a craft, is it a profession? Who the hell cares as long as we win games, make profit, and tell people that sport builds character? –Dr. G [04:20] If it’s a service that they’re [coaches] providing, then technically the market in a capitalist system will correct that. So, if you suck as a coach, then nobody’s going to pay you. –Meg [05:07] We’re not going to start with a baseline of cutting your neck. –Dr. G [06:07] A coach must be an artist too. And you can’t regulate that. I think it’s la la land, right. –Dr. G Links and Resources In general, there’s not a lot of research on coach education, but researchers are taking greater interest in this area. For example, in today’s brain trauma age where concussion and TBI—traumatic brain injury—is becoming a household name, researchers want to know how much coaches, parents, and athletes know about these issues. How much knowledge does the typical youth coach have about concussion? Here’s an interesting study showing how club coaches are less knowledgeable than high school coaches about concussion. Stamm, J. M., Post, E. G., Baugh, C. M., & Bell, D. R. (2020). Awareness of concussion-education requirements, and management plans and concussion knowledge in high school and club sport coaches. Journal of Athletic Training, 55(10), 1054-1061.